Thursday, May 30, 2013

More Photos from Our Amazing March against Monsanto!

Thanks again to all who braved the cold, wet day on Saturday to join forces to say 
"No GMOs! Protect our food, our land, air and water!" 
Photos by Barbara Upton, May 25, 2013, New Paltz, NY

Thanks again to our great musicians; Joakim Lartey, percussion and Thomas Workman, didgeridoo; Tim Hunter, guitar; and Jeremy Mage who led us in a group chant as we got ready to march!. Thanks too to Joel Tyner (Dutchess County legislator) for his rap! Music added so much to an already inspiring day!

And thanks again to Beth Dulay who, when she found the nearest march was 2 hours away, decided to start one here!

We are also grateful that she chose to share her personal story about taking the first genetically modified product and the health problems that ensued. As Beth says, she cannot absolutely make the connection, but the fact that 60,000 were adversely affected by the drug (L-Tryptophan) she took and the fact that she has 5 of the symptoms of EMS that the drug did cause, speaks volumes.

We thank her for her gumption, hard work, courage and passion!


  1. That is Jeremy Mage, above, who offered a good opportunity for a group chant toward the end of the rally. Hi, Jeremy, from Janine Guzzo's mom, Ruth!
    This is just the beginning of a long-needed mass movement to show the corporate world who they are up against!

  2. Thank you for the info- I will add it. And you are so right- we have just begun!

  3. Barbara, we need a picture of you on here!

    1. Doesn't happen when you're the photographer! I'm also the only one not in the video- but it doesn't matter- the people who marched are the stars!