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RoundUp Is Poisoning Our Land, Water, Air and Us- So Why Does the EPA Want More of It?

Monsanto has known since the 1980s that the main ingredient in their herbicide Roundup causes birth defects. They did not warn the public. Instead, throughout the 90's, they told us that Roundup was "safe as table salt" and could "be used where kids and pets'll play". 

In 1996, the New York State attorney general sued Monsanto for false advertising. The biotech giant was ordered to pay $250,000 (a pittance to them) and they agreed to stop making the false claims. In 2009, France's highest court found Monsanto guilty of lying about the safety of Roundup and for claiming it  "left the soil clean". The ruling upheld two earlier convictions, but the fine was even more absurd - $22,400. Do you think that will stop Monsanto from lying?

Roundup Ready Crops Nutritionally Inferior and High in Toxins

About 75% of GM crops are Roundup Ready, meaning they can be doused with large amounts of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup without dying. Over time, they do grow weaker, less vital and less nutritious, but they do not die. They also have much higher concentrations of toxic herbicide. Roundup Ready corn contains 13ppm of glyphosate, compared to 0ppm in non-GM corn. GM corn's glyphosate is eighteen times greater than the "safe" level now set by the EPA and it is nutritionally close to dead, as are all Roundup Ready crops:
  • Calcium: GMO corn = 14 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 6,130 ppm (437 times more)
  • Magnesium: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 113 ppm (56 times more)
  • Manganese: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 14 ppm (7 times more)
Remember these facts alone when you next hear a Monsanto spokesperson talk about how they do not have to be labeled because they are the same as conventionally grown crops.

But that is just the start of what is very wrong with Roundup Ready crops. In April, a peer-reviewed report from MIT linked glyphosate, to gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, allergies, cardiovascular disease, cancer, infertility, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression, autism and more. That it is linked to so many diseases shows the systemic effect it has on our bodies. Glyphosate attacks good bacteria and allows pathogens and their toxins to overgrow and take over. This causes chronic inflammation that leads to chronic disease. It also attacks CYP enzymes that help us detoxify foreign chemical compounds, making us more at risk to environmental toxins.

"The negative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time as inflammation damages cellular systems throughout the body," according to the MIT study.

Monsanto said glyphosate is safe because it kills plants by disrupting the shikimate pathway and humans and mammals do not have this pathway. Unfortunately, for us, our gut bacteria (that aid in digestion, detoxify foreign compounds, synthesize vitamins and support our immune system) do have shikimate pathways. So glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria much like it alters the composition of soil leading to more virulent pathogens and disrupting the healthy microbial balance needed for good health.

Since the introduction of GM crops and the increased use of glyphosate, inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies are on the rise. One in 20 kids has food allergies, a 50% increase and one in eight children have skin problems like eczema, a 69% increase.

Dr Nancy Swenson, a US Navy staff scientist with 5 US patents has shown the correlation between increased glyphosate use and many diseases. 

Glyphosate is a known endocrine disruptor which can lead to infertility, miscarriages and birth defects. One only has to look at Argentina with its massive monoculture of Roundup Ready GM soy to see the terrible effects on the population living near the farmlands. An April 2010 government report cited a four fold increase in cancer and birth defects in Argentina from 2000 to 2009. 

Glyphosate is also a strong metal chelator, reducing vital micro nutrients like manganese, iron, magnesium and more as stated above. Nutrient deficiencies weaken the plant (not to mention- us) over time. Forty plant diseases have been reported in scientific literature linked to the increased use of glyphosate.

From Institute for Responsibile Technology
Super Weeds
Farmer Jake Conner  in a field choked by Roundup resistant weeds. Reuters
Now add to all of these serious problems, glyphosate-resistant super weeds are on the rise (up 25% in 2011 and 51% in 2012) choking off over 60 million acres of US farmland. The biotechnology industry's answer to this growing problem- spray more and with more lethal herbicides like 2,4-D which was a major component of Agent Orange. Of course, plants will soon develop resistance to that too. This arms race against weeds is doomed to failure and will lead to a highly polluted world with higher rates of cancer, infertility and chronic disease.

Tell the EPA- No to Raising Allowable Limits!
Our country is drenched in glyphosate. Herbicide use is up over 500 million pounds since the introduction of GM crops. A study in 2011 showed glyphosate was present in 60 to 100% of air and rain samples in agricultural areas in Mississippi and Iowa. 

Now the EPA is proposing to raise the acceptable limits of glyphosate in the food we eat. They would allow animal feed to have concentrations of 100 ppm  and would allow more glyphosate residue (it is actually in and can not be washed off) fruits and vegetables- ie tuber vegetables residue limits would go from .2ppm (that is point 2) to 6ppm. 

Malformations in frog and chicken embryos were found at concentrations of 2.03ppm.  Peer reviewed studies show rats fed diets as low as 2ppm were 70-80% more likely to develop tumors and infertility was shown in animals eating glyphosate levels as low as .05.

And a new study (goodness- one could go on and on) just days ago showed that glyphosate drove breast cancer cell proliferation in parts per TRILLION!  

Glyphosate is a  toxic substance that should be banned entirely- not allowed to be increased in the food we eat! Tell the EPA now and please share this information as no one in the MSM is. We only have until July 1 to take a stand for mother earth and to protect our children and all future generations from this dangerous poison,

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HV 4 No GMOs at Barnfest!

Sue Talking to Chevy Chase about GMOS!
                                                                                                                                                                            Photo- B Upton

A warm welcome to the many people who signed up today at Barnfest to be part of Hudson Valley for No GMOs. It was heartening to see so many well informed folks who unhesitatingly added their names and emails to our growing list of supporters. We will continue to work hard to bring you all the latest news on the NO GMOs front.

Thanks to the organizers of Barnfest - you created a lovely day with many vendors working to preserve our sacred earth, food and water. We thank all who were there. There was also delicious local, non-GMO, food and music. I missed the honoring of Chevy and Jayni Chase for their lifetime of environmental work- but what a fitting place for such an honor.

Thanks too to Sue Edwards and Kory Findley (who does GMO-free brunches!) and special thanks to Joe Barbarito and Russel Bimbo for breaking down the exhibit and safeguarding all.

Next up- "RoundUp is Poisoning Our Land, Air, Water and US! Why Does the EPA Want More of It?'

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

NYS Rep Calls GM Labeling "Meddling of the Left" and wants to be "Left Alone"

Action Alert! From
NYS Assembly member Bill Nojay is in dire need of some "loving" attention from us. One of our great supporters, Joyce Stotts of Newark, NY, has been kind enough to share the recent email exchange she had with Honorable Assembly member Nojay. After reading it, please tell him via phone, email, twitter, and FB how you feel about his response to Joyce AND his NO vote last week on bill A3525-A when it came before the Committee on Consumer Protection and Affairs. PLEASE SHARE, NEW YORK!

Bill Nojay (Rep, Dist 133)
Albany phone:  518-455-5662 
District phone:  585-346-0002 
Twitter: @Nojay4Assembly

It's worth the full read:
Sent by Joyce Stotts on 6/7/13 at 11:18 a.m.

Dear Mr. Nojay:

I recently wrote you asking for your support regarding labeling Genetically Modified Foods in New York State. Last night, I was told you also recently replied to my friend that you are completely against GMO labeling, and that the issue has only been brought up because Organic Farmers want to make more money! Mr. Nojay: I am NOT an organic farmer and neither are many of the concerned citizens I know who want GMO foods labeled. New Yorkers just want to know what is being put in our food, just like when trans fats and aspartame were labeled, so consumers can make a choice. If Vermont and Connecticut State Legislators have voted to label GMOs to protect their citizens, why can't New York Legislators protect us? (See quotes from USA Today Newspaper below.)

Sir, there is a large body of research coming out that proves that ingesting genetically altered foods is very dangerous, contributes to autism, cancer, intestinal disorders and even alterations in genetic expression in humans (even in all mammals).

Do you sincerely believe that the "big money" is going to tell you the truth about the hundreds of thousands of people in India who are committing suicide over the destruction that Monsanto's GMO products have wreaked on their lives and their animals' lives? Do you really think that the multitude of scientists and professors are lying, who are coming out of the closet explaining that they have consistently seen animals die very young of cancer from eating GMO corn in their medical laboratories?

Here is a link to an article from a former pro-GMO researcher who has come out of the closet to tell the truth!

1) The Japanese Government turned away all U.S. imports of wheat due to genetic contamination by Monsanto's early experiments with GMO wheat. Already there is a huge lawsuit being put together to sue Monsanto for destroying the farmers whose wheat is being rejected by many countries around the world due the dangers of ingesting GMOs.
2) South Korea has also banned GMO foods, following Japan's decision:

3) Hungary discovered and BURNED 500 hectares of GMO corn, because they refuse to allow GMO contamination of crops in their country!

Below is an excerpt from the "March Against Monsanto" news and USA Today:
"Though the mainstream media was nowhere to be found in covering it, the largest ever global protest against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) took place on May 25, 2013, in at least 52 countries and 436 major cities worldwide. The protest, which was initiated as part of the grassroots March Against Monsanto movement and included more than two million marchers, marks a tipping point in the debate over GMOs, and particularly their unlabeled presence in the food supplies of many countries, including in the U.S....

However, state legislatures in Vermont and Connecticut moved ahead this month with votes to make food companies declare genetically modified ingredients on their packages. And supermarket retailer Whole Foods Markets Inc. has said that all products in its North American stores that contain genetically modified ingredients will be labeled as such by 2018."

Please rethink your position on labeling GMOs, Mr. Nojay. We are counting on you to protect your constituents and their families, rather than believing the info. from big Agra-businesses, which only want to protect their wallets!

Best always,

Joyce E. and Robert E. Stotts
Newark, NY


Mr. Nojay's response: same date - 6/7/13, 1:41 p.m., A DIRECT QUOTE SENT EXACTLY AS FOLLOWS:

"If you don't like them, don't buy them. I never understand the endless meddling of the Left in the lives of the rest of us. Buy your organic food and be happy...and leave the rest of us alone."

[Joyce's initial thoughts: How can Mr. Nojay say, "If you don't like them, don't buy them", if we cannot always detect GMOs in foods due to lack of labeling? THAT is the exact reason for asking him for help with GMO labeling in the first place!!]

Joyce's subsequent reply follows...

Reply to Mr. Nojay: same date - 6/7/13, 5:10 p.m.

Dear Mr. Nojay:

I appreciate that you took the time to reply, but I am very disheartened to know that you do not take sincere letters from CONSERVATIVES seriously. Ask Senator Nozzolio! I and the vast majority of our friends and co-workers are die-hard
CONSERVATIVES. I have even spent two elections cycles pounding the streets door-to-door to get/keep valuable Conservatives
in office. We just don't want big agribusiness sneaking poisoned foods into our foods without us knowing it! Is that worse than
asking companies to label trans fats that they use in their foods?

Don't you realize that there are tons of concerned citizens that cannot afford Organic (of all political persuasions and walks of life) who want to know if their foods contain GMOs or not?

In the future, Sir, I would hope you would address me and my sincere requests with the same human courtesy with which you would expect someone to address you. You are welcome to your own personal opinions, Mr. Nojay, but I do not think my previous email, which showed you EVIDENCE of the dangers of GMOs, deserved this kind of lack of respect. I will also pass on your comments to my friend who spoke to me last evening about the kind of reply you sent on to her. She is an instructor of nutrition, so I am positive she will want to know how you replied to me today, as well will her many students from across the greater Rochester region.

Thank you kindly,

Joyce E. Stotts
MSEd, CNHP, and Bilingual Translator
Bill Nojay was elected to serve the constituents of the 133rd Assembly District on November 6, 2012. His district includes all of Livingston County, the towns of Pittsford, Mendon, Wheatland and Rush in Monroe County as well as the towns of Prattsburgh, Cohocton, Wayland, Dansville, Hornellsville an...
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Six Recent Events Show Beginning of End for Monsanto

March against Monsanto- New Paltz, NY                                                                                                          Photo: B Upton
The whole world is waking up, rejecting the GM crops of Monsanto and others and demanding a safe, nontoxic food supply Consider these recent events.

1. May 25 - March against Monsanto
The largest, grassroots, global action against one company in history. Two million people from nearly 500 cities in over 50 countries spanning six continents took to the streets to say no to GMOs and the poisoning of our food supply and our earth! .

Watch the new New Paltz, NY video here and an inspiring one on the global protests (there is New Paltz again right after New Orleans!) We are united in our refusal to be part of a massive, untested, science experiment. We are many and we will prevail

2. May 26 - Food Companies Going GMO Free
A New York Times article "Seeking Food Ingredients That Are Not Gene-Altered" reports food companies, big and small, are racing to find non-GM ingredients in face of consumer demand for GMO-free food.

3. May 30 - Uapproved GM Wheat Found in Oregon- Monsanto "Mystified"
This is terrible news for wheat farmers who stand to lose millions in exports, but it is also a screaming warning to all. It is obvious that Monsanto and other biotech firms have no control over their radical technology and contamination of conventional and organic crops is a very real threat. Monsanto last conducted open air field trials of GM wheat in Oregon in 2001, but it is showing up now. The Center for Food Safety and wheat farmers just announced a class action lawsuit against Monsanto. Monsanto currently carries out hundreds of other field trials- how many of them have gone rogue? Demand an end to open-air field testing! 

March against Monsanto in Germany
 4. May 31 - Monsanto gives up in Europe due to consumer rejection of GMOs! 
"The promises of GM industry have not come true for European agriculture, nor have they for the agriculture in developing and emerging economies," said the German Agriculture Ministry.

Monsanto admitted intense opposition from consumers made it impractical to continue to lobby for more GM crops in Europe. "We haven't been able to make any progress over the years, and it's counter-productive to tilt against windmills," said a Monsanto spokesperson.

5. June 2 - Connecticut Becomes First State to Require Labeling of GMOs
The measure was approved in the state senate unanimously! It does have the caveat that 4 other states must also pass similar measures- but that can just provide momentum for NY and others to get on board. It is a great beginning.

6. June 6 - Deal Reached to Oppose Monsanto Protection Act
Thanks to Sen Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and the hundreds of thousands who have signed his petition and others, Sen Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) chair of the Agriculture Committee has pledged to oppose an extension of the Monsanto Protection Act without full debate. The measure was originally snuck into a must-pass spending resolution anonymously in the dark of night.

These recent developments coupled with the failure of GM crops to increase yields, reduce pesticide use (it is up by over 400 million pounds due to the existence of super weeds and super bugs that GM crops create) the fact that GM proteins continue to exist and function in humans and a recent study that shows that the BT toxin in GM crops is toxic to mammalian blood - it is not hard to see- the handwriting is on the wall for Monsanto.

Stay informed, keep up the pressure! Momentum is on our side.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The New Paltz March against Monsanto!

What an amazing day! Thanks to all who came, for your creative signs and costumes and most of all for your passion to preserve safe food for us and for future generations!

Feels so good to be part of a worldwide movement! Here is another inspiring video and New Paltz is there- stay alert at New Orleans! Our crowd looks as impressive of many in the big cities!

A new movement was birthed on May 25. Thanks to all who were part of this historic day. If you are just getting on board- welcome.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NY's GM Labeling Bill Goes Down by Two Votes

 Thanks to Hudson Valley Light Brigade- This Display Kicked Off Our March against Monsanto Photo: Megan Hastie

According to Roberto LoBianco of New Paltz Current, New York State's GM labeling bill (A3525) lost by just two votes in the Assembly's Consumer Affairs and Protection committee yesterday.

One voting, against your right to know what you are eating and feeding your family, was a co-sponsor of the bill! Another co-sponsor was absent. It should have passed.

The following voted yes: Jeffrey Dinowitz, Peter Abbate, Jr., Brian Kavanagh, Micah Kellner, Dan Quart, James Skoufis, Michaelle Solages 

These committee members voted no: Dennis Gabryszak, David Buchwald,  David McDonough, Tom McKevitt, Bill Nojay, Michael Simanowitz 

Abstained: Edward Hennessey 

Absent: Aravella Simotas

Dennis Gabryszak and Aravella Simotas were both co-sponsors of A3525; however Gabryszak flipped and voted NO and Simotas was absent- thus bringing the bill to defeat. Call, or write and ask Mr Gabryszak why he voted against a bill that he co-sponsored. Press him to live up to his promise of co-sponsorship., 518 455-5921 Call, or write Ms Simotas. Ask her why she was not present to vote on the bill she co-sponsored., 518 455-5014.

Lobbyist for Monsanto Present for the Vote

The New York Daily News  reported that "a lobbyist for the Council for Biotechnology Information, which represents genetically modified food giants Monsanto and DuPont, attended the committee vote."

Monsanto spent $52 million on lobbyists the past decade. They are hired to fatten Monsanto's bottom line and to make sure we do not know what we are eating- because they know the science is catching up with them and if it is labeled, most will avoid GMOs, like animals in the wild do instinctively. 

This is the time- to once and for all demand that the health and well being of the many not be sacrificed to the ever increasing profit of the few- that our representatives listen to us and not some Monsanto lobbyist lurking in the corner.

If you've never called an elected official- this is a great time to start!

GMO Free NY ( ) is on top of this and will be sending more action steps tomorrow- we will post them. We can't let a setback in one committee defeat us!

Read more:

PS  I read today that "Lobbyists' gifts could shower down on lawmakers once again". A republican in NC is proposing legislation that would allow lobbyists to give freely to lawmakers and not disclose it. The federal government isn't any better. It says only gifts taken "corruptly" are illegal. It never defines "corruptly" so everyone exchanges votes for cash "legally".

This is not a democracy- but a plutocracy- government of, by and for the rich. Demand change!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Call Today To Label GMOs in NYS!

We have received word that GMO labeling bill A3525 will be voted on by the Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection TODAY, June 3rd! PLEASE CALL AND LEAVE A VOICEMAIL for the 10 members of the committee who have not yet co-sponsored the bill and ask them to cosponsor and support it.
Mailboxes for Abbate, Hennesey, Quart and Skoufis are full and Simanowitz is busy-  start with the others first! One staffer told me they are getting many calls! Another said they had 40 voice messages supporting labeling of GMOs- KEEP IT UP!! This will just take a few minutes.
Assemblymember Abbate:  518-455-3053 
Assemblymember Buchwald:  518-455-5397 
Assemblymember Camara:  518-455-5262 
Assemblymember Gabryszak:  518-455-5921 
Assemblymember Hennessey:  518-455-4901 
Assemblymember McKevitt:  518-455-5341 
Assemblymember Nojay:  518-455-5662 
Assemblymember Quart:  518-455-4794 
Assemblymember Simanowitz:  518-455-4404 
Assemblymember Skoufis:  518-455-5441 
If you can't reach them by phone- email them!

Assemblymember Abbate:
Assemblymember Buchwald:
Assemblymember Camara:
Assemblymember Gabryszak:
Assemblymember Hennessey: 
Assemblymember McKevitt:
Assemblymember Nojay:
Assemblymember Quart:
Assemblymember Simanowitz:
Assemblymember Skoufis:
You can also write to them all here!!
There are currently 50 co-sponsors in the Assembly!
And here was a good article in the Daily News the other day with this screen shot of another group working for labeling in NY. Yes, there are two- and support them both!