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RoundUp Is Poisoning Our Land, Water, Air and Us- So Why Does the EPA Want More of It?

Monsanto has known since the 1980s that the main ingredient in their herbicide Roundup causes birth defects. They did not warn the public. Instead, throughout the 90's, they told us that Roundup was "safe as table salt" and could "be used where kids and pets'll play". 

In 1996, the New York State attorney general sued Monsanto for false advertising. The biotech giant was ordered to pay $250,000 (a pittance to them) and they agreed to stop making the false claims. In 2009, France's highest court found Monsanto guilty of lying about the safety of Roundup and for claiming it  "left the soil clean". The ruling upheld two earlier convictions, but the fine was even more absurd - $22,400. Do you think that will stop Monsanto from lying?

Roundup Ready Crops Nutritionally Inferior and High in Toxins

About 75% of GM crops are Roundup Ready, meaning they can be doused with large amounts of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup without dying. Over time, they do grow weaker, less vital and less nutritious, but they do not die. They also have much higher concentrations of toxic herbicide. Roundup Ready corn contains 13ppm of glyphosate, compared to 0ppm in non-GM corn. GM corn's glyphosate is eighteen times greater than the "safe" level now set by the EPA and it is nutritionally close to dead, as are all Roundup Ready crops:
  • Calcium: GMO corn = 14 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 6,130 ppm (437 times more)
  • Magnesium: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 113 ppm (56 times more)
  • Manganese: GMO corn = 2 ppm / Non-GMO corn = 14 ppm (7 times more)
Remember these facts alone when you next hear a Monsanto spokesperson talk about how they do not have to be labeled because they are the same as conventionally grown crops.

But that is just the start of what is very wrong with Roundup Ready crops. In April, a peer-reviewed report from MIT linked glyphosate, to gastrointestinal diseases, obesity, allergies, cardiovascular disease, cancer, infertility, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression, autism and more. That it is linked to so many diseases shows the systemic effect it has on our bodies. Glyphosate attacks good bacteria and allows pathogens and their toxins to overgrow and take over. This causes chronic inflammation that leads to chronic disease. It also attacks CYP enzymes that help us detoxify foreign chemical compounds, making us more at risk to environmental toxins.

"The negative impact on the body is insidious and manifests slowly over time as inflammation damages cellular systems throughout the body," according to the MIT study.

Monsanto said glyphosate is safe because it kills plants by disrupting the shikimate pathway and humans and mammals do not have this pathway. Unfortunately, for us, our gut bacteria (that aid in digestion, detoxify foreign compounds, synthesize vitamins and support our immune system) do have shikimate pathways. So glyphosate disrupts gut bacteria much like it alters the composition of soil leading to more virulent pathogens and disrupting the healthy microbial balance needed for good health.

Since the introduction of GM crops and the increased use of glyphosate, inflammatory bowel disease and food allergies are on the rise. One in 20 kids has food allergies, a 50% increase and one in eight children have skin problems like eczema, a 69% increase.

Dr Nancy Swenson, a US Navy staff scientist with 5 US patents has shown the correlation between increased glyphosate use and many diseases. 

Glyphosate is a known endocrine disruptor which can lead to infertility, miscarriages and birth defects. One only has to look at Argentina with its massive monoculture of Roundup Ready GM soy to see the terrible effects on the population living near the farmlands. An April 2010 government report cited a four fold increase in cancer and birth defects in Argentina from 2000 to 2009. 

Glyphosate is also a strong metal chelator, reducing vital micro nutrients like manganese, iron, magnesium and more as stated above. Nutrient deficiencies weaken the plant (not to mention- us) over time. Forty plant diseases have been reported in scientific literature linked to the increased use of glyphosate.

From Institute for Responsibile Technology
Super Weeds
Farmer Jake Conner  in a field choked by Roundup resistant weeds. Reuters
Now add to all of these serious problems, glyphosate-resistant super weeds are on the rise (up 25% in 2011 and 51% in 2012) choking off over 60 million acres of US farmland. The biotechnology industry's answer to this growing problem- spray more and with more lethal herbicides like 2,4-D which was a major component of Agent Orange. Of course, plants will soon develop resistance to that too. This arms race against weeds is doomed to failure and will lead to a highly polluted world with higher rates of cancer, infertility and chronic disease.

Tell the EPA- No to Raising Allowable Limits!
Our country is drenched in glyphosate. Herbicide use is up over 500 million pounds since the introduction of GM crops. A study in 2011 showed glyphosate was present in 60 to 100% of air and rain samples in agricultural areas in Mississippi and Iowa. 

Now the EPA is proposing to raise the acceptable limits of glyphosate in the food we eat. They would allow animal feed to have concentrations of 100 ppm  and would allow more glyphosate residue (it is actually in and can not be washed off) fruits and vegetables- ie tuber vegetables residue limits would go from .2ppm (that is point 2) to 6ppm. 

Malformations in frog and chicken embryos were found at concentrations of 2.03ppm.  Peer reviewed studies show rats fed diets as low as 2ppm were 70-80% more likely to develop tumors and infertility was shown in animals eating glyphosate levels as low as .05.

And a new study (goodness- one could go on and on) just days ago showed that glyphosate drove breast cancer cell proliferation in parts per TRILLION!  

Glyphosate is a  toxic substance that should be banned entirely- not allowed to be increased in the food we eat! Tell the EPA now and please share this information as no one in the MSM is. We only have until July 1 to take a stand for mother earth and to protect our children and all future generations from this dangerous poison,

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