Monday, July 29, 2013

Label GMOs NYS Legislators! Press Conference and Public Hearing Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a very important day for labeling GMOs in New York! If you cannot make it- have you at least sent in your written testimony? So very important to do so.

Make a Sign!
And now there is a press conference at 9AM in the same room as the Public Hearing. If you go please send photos, write-ups to us at Big thanks to Beth Dulay and her family who are going down. If you need a ride from the Hudson Valley contact Joe at He will get back in touch with you tonight.

From GMO-Free NY:

There will be a press conference held by Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, sponsor of bill A.3525-A, at 9 am Tuesday morning, July 30th, right BEFORE the Public Hearing at 10 am. It will be held in the East Dining Room, in the Music Building on the Lehman College Campus, 250 Bedford Park Blvd West, which is the SAME ROOM the hearing will be held in at 10 am. new directions are needed. Whew!

More info about the hearing can be found here:

So come early and show your support for GMO labeling! Let our legislators and the media know how strong our JUST LABEL GMO Food - WE WANT THE RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT WE EAT- movement is. Although the hearing will be inside, we encourage you to bring colorful signs and wear t-shirts. Please keep your slogans respectful/free of foul language, etc. Here are some suggestions:

GMO? Let Us Know!
Label GMOs, NY!
OMG is it GMO?
GMO? We wanna Know!
I Have the Right to Know What's in My Food!
We Deserve the Right to Know!
GMO? Then Label It!

So go buy some oaktag and markers and fabric paint, and we look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning, 9 am sharp!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Public Hearing on NYS GMO Labeling Bill!

Please be there if you can. Send written testimony by Aug 5!
This is our chance to be heard and the first step in getting a labeling bill passed in NY!

From GMO Free NY
The NY Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection has decided to hold a hearing on July 30th for GMO Labeling Bill A3525-A. It will be held on the Lehman College Campus in the Bronx, NY, at 10 am. Details are here:

It is incredibly important that we fill the seats of this room with GMO labeling advocates from New York. Can you help us make this hearing a standing room only event and garner it the attention our bill deserves by spreading this news? The posting on the GMO Free NY Facebook page can be seen here: Please feel free to copy and share or modify in any way. But please do share all of this information with as many social media outlets, email lists, friends, colleagues, and organizations you know. Our showing MUST impress the committee so that when the bill's sponsor -- Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal -- reintroduces the bill at the start of the next legislative session in January 2013, it is immediately voted upon and moved through the Assembly to a floor vote. (And then hopefully the Senate will do the same!)

Testimony is by invitation only, but written testimony can be submitted and sent no later than August 5th to:

Matt Aumand
Committee Assistant
Assembly Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection
Room 513 - Capitol
Albany, New York 12248

We urge you to send in written testimony!
We all need to stand together on this if we want GMO labeling in NYS to be a reality. Thank you for your support and help! Let's fill all of these seats with our people!!!

Stacie and Kat

Stacie Orell
GMO Free NY Campaign Director