Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GMO Labeling and Consumer Protection Laws All Under Threat by TPP

It's the biggest "trade" deal you have never heard of. It is called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and it is more of a corporate global coup than a trade deal (only 5 chapters out of 29 deal with trade). It would give corporations unprecedented power to sue nations, states and local municipalities for environmental, labor, food safety and human rights laws they do not like. A tribunal of corporate lawyers would be the judges!

Sadly, the Obama Administration is gung ho for this corporate power grab that puts profits over the people and the planet. They are trying to put it on a "fast track" for passage in early October- which means it could pass without congressional review, or any public debate. We, the people are not having it. People are rising up all over the world to say NO to unchecked corporate power.

We will have a teach-in on what it all means, how we can effectively derail "fast track", and how we can stop the anti-democratic, harmful TPP this Sunday! Please RSVP - https://www.facebook.com/events/421537034631062/
Stop the Corporate Global Coup! Stop the TPP- 
A Danger to Your Health and Safety

Sunday, August 25 4:30PM
Elting Memorial Library
93 Main St, New Paltz, NY 12561

And here is a flier we pass out at our New Paltz Women in Black vigils on Saturdays 
(12:30-1:30- in front of Elting Library) Please join us any Saturday.  ___________________________________________________________________
Stop the Corporate Global Coup- Stop the TPP- 
A Threat to Our Health & Safety!!

The TPP- Trans Pacific Partnership is a secret trade deal being written behind our backs (even Congress is being kept in the dark!) by 600 corporate “advisors”. It would undermine our democracy and turn over our sovereignty to multinational corporations. 
The TPP would:
·        Offshore millions of American jobs
·        Allow corporations to sue nations for environmental and labor laws they don’t like. For instance, countries, states and local municipalities could be prevented from banning or labeling GMOs, or passing anti-fracking legislation!
·        Increase costs of medicine
·        Bring unsafe food and products into the US
·        Free Wall Street from oversight
·        Ban Buy America policies

Join us Sunday, August 25 at 4:30PM at the Elting Library for a teach-in on the dangers of TPP and how we can fight it. Organized by New Paltz Women in Black & Ulster County MoveOn.  Sign up on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/events/421537034631062/ or just type in the title "Stop the Corporate Coup..."

Tell your elected officials-  NO fast track for TPP! Congressman Gibson- 845 514-2322, Sen Schumer- 518-431-4070, Sen Gillibrand -518-431-0120
We only have a 6 week window to derail "fast track". Please make this a priority. You can bet the multinationals are. Ask your representatives if they will honor their constitutional duty to vote against "fast track" for the TPP. It is the job of Congress to negotiate treaties and we need checks and balances for democracy to work! 

There will be actions September 17th across the country to "spank" or "thank" members of Congress based on how they plan to vote.

Sign the Petition! http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/stop-the-trans-pacific

People Rising Up against TPP in Japan, New Zealand, Texas and Other Places- A global grassroots movement is being born! Be a part of it.


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