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It's More than Monsanto

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 Chicago March Against Monsanto
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I am an organic farmer in Ecuador. My wife and I moved here almost five years ago from Chicago to retire. I knew almost nothing about agriculture and even less about nutrition. The process of working on the land to make a living has changed me from ignorant to informed, when I learned how money and profits dictate what we eat, our health, and our environment. Monsanto is clearly the right target for its production of GMO seeds and glyphosate but it is not just that one company - it is many industries, and the system that we need to take into account. They are keeping us alive long enough to work and make money for them.

The agriculture and food industries make up almost 50% of the global employment and 20% of global GDP. Without food we perish and without the right food we do not thrive. The agro-food industries should be more important to us than oil, which is only 3% of global GDP. Many wars have been fought for oil, but what are we doing for our food? The irony is that they are now putting oil in our food, bringing the two together.

Current agro-industrial, conventional "green agriculture" is responsible for the epidemics of non-infectious disease, which include most cancers, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, allergies, Parkinson, Alzheimer's, autism, type 1 and 2 diabetes, and the list goes on. This agriculture is based on synthetic chemicals, many of which are formulated from petroleum and are often combined with glyphosate, amongst other pesticides. They kill life in the soil and then continue to kill life inside humans, namely our bacteria biome, leaving us defenseless against these non-infectious diseases.

The synthetic chemicals do not directly give us cancer; they inhibit our immune system which leads to the diseases mentioned above. This agriculture is also the prime reason for global warming, according to the 2013 UN Report on Trade and Development, "Wake Up Before It Is Too Late".

Conventional agriculture does two very damaging things, it releases carbon from the soil through constant tilling and it kills the soil bacteria, the one life form that can help us by consuming 50% of its diet in carbon. Bacteria is the most successful and most important life form on earth. It comprises 55% of all earth mass and makes up 90% of all human cells, both prebiotic and probiotic. We are killing this entire population in the soil and in our bodies.
Conventional agriculture is also responsible for using almost 70% of all fresh water, whereas organic agriculture may use less than half of that. The Rodale Institute 30 Year Study proved that organic agriculture will produce 30% more crop during drought because we build our soils with oxygen and large microbe populations to hold more water and for longer duration. California needs to switch all agriculture to organic, now. The same study demonstrated that organic agriculture will produce as much yield as conventional agriculture.

The food that is produced by synthetic chemicals lacks critical nutrients for human health and longevity such as minerals, phytonutrients, bacteria and antioxidants. As an example, there are about 3000 different minerals in the soil and the human uptake requires about 60+ daily. The only way to absorb this many minerals from the plant is the natural way, through bacterial mineralization (bacteria have a symbiotic relationship with roots - the plant gives them exudate nutrients and the bacteria feeds the plant minerals). Conventional agriculture kills the bacteria and then inoculates the plant with fertilizers of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and sometimes calcium, sulfur and a few others. This falls short of what the human diet requires, meaning the enzymes in minerals will not enable the vitamins to work causing human cells to starve for nutrition.

The only food that humans should ever eat is organic, naturally grown food. It is the only food that will provide humans the needed nutrition. Why would anyone think that it is fine to put synthetic chemicals into a natural human body? Would anyone put diesel fuel in a gas engine? For almost 400,000 years humans only ate organic and it is in the last 70 years that we started to eat chemicals that are not easily soluble and can effectively stay in our bodies for as long as 50 years, like DDT.

Just take a brief moment to consider this: historically humans never had the rates of death and illnesses that we do today from the non-infectious diseases mentioned above (The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health, and Disease). Prehistoric man could have lived into their 70's but usually died from infectious disease. What changed is our food system.

We recently learned that glyphosate is in our blood stream, breast milk and urine. There were an average of 15 different synthetic chemicals in our bodies in 1995 and today the global average number is 27, which are insoluble and stay within our bodies for years.

The scare tactics and myths of not producing enough food globally have been and still are LIES. The problem was never production - it has always been distribution. All agriculture for the past 10,000 years was organic and sufficient to feed the entire world. The only times that people went without nutrition was during crisis of climate change (ice ages, drought, floods, etc.) and they had no technology to deal with that. Over 99% of all research goes into developing artificially developed food. If we put 99% of our research dollars into organic microbiological food production we could significantly increase food for the world and all healthy. But then the synthetic chemical companies would be out of business.

Poor people cannot afford to buy good food, which is the biggest reason for inadequate nutrition. The more money one has, the more and better the quality of food can be bought. Carbohydrates like rice and potatoes are cheaper calories by volume than are a variety of vegetables. Secondly, thanks to the BIG 6 of Monsanto, Bayer, DOW, Sygenta, DuPont and BASF and a few others, who control 95% of food global production; their goal is profits, not nutrition. These guys simply took their stockpiled materials from WW2 and converted them into agricultural products. They made bombs and gases that killed almost 80,000,000 people and have killed far more since 1945, just slower.

The recent development of GMO seeds is the continuance of a technology meant to make profit. The changing of the DNA to make seeds resistant to glyphosate is adding more death and disease to the human population everywhere. Studies have shown that glyphosate does not kill weeds directly, it starves them by blocking pathways of nutrition. The same glyphosate in our bodies starve our bacterial pathways for food, hence killing our immune system and then us. The epidemic of autism in children has been demonstrated in several studies released last year by Dr. Stephanie Senneff. The campesinos who live on the Colombia-Ecuador border have begged the Colombian government to stop spraying glyphosate to prevent marijuana growth because almost all of the people have cancerous sores on their bodies. Every time you eat bread made with Canadian flour, French fries from Idaho potatoes, most cereals from Midwest corn, products with corn syrup (almost anything packaged), you are eating glyphosate because they are all GMO foods, which are always packaged with glyphosate from the field.

The first step is to totally kill all life in the soil with glyphosate to prevent weeds and then the GMO seed is planted. If you drive through the Midwest US and look at the corn or soy fields you will never see any weeds in the soil, just the plants in hundreds of acres. This is glyphosate at work. Since there are no natural predators for the insects that live from corn, that insect population grows rapidly and to very large numbers. The farmer has to buy insecticides and then fungicides. Once the farmer starts with these drug regimens, they are hooked and have to buy more and more.

Organic agriculture is the only technology that will give us healthy food that can enable us to live a happier and longer life. It will also dramatically reduce 55% of all carbon in the atmosphere, double the amount of fresh water available, reduce cancers and other non-infectious disease by as much as 75% and provide healthy soils for future generations. It is not just Monsanto that is the cause of our health, food, environment, and water problems but all of the other synthetic chemical companies plus John Deere tractors, the big food processors, the huge grocery chains, the big fast food companies - the entire agricultural and food industry that is totally preoccupied with money, executive bonus and profits. Recently, Warren Buffet stated quite unequivocally that fast food is a great investment. He and his partners take pride in making money while billions of people are slowly dying, global warming is reaching dangerous levels, we are losing our fresh water everywhere and the soils are being ruined for generations to come. The banks are also very heavily involved everywhere in the globe because the cost of the synthetic chemicals and fertilizers go up with the price of petroleum and never go down. Conventional agriculture is very heavily dependent on farmers taking loans to buy the chemicals and tractor machinery and many lose their farms.

The other industry that benefits greatly from chemical food is the medical-pharmaceutical industry. Another bunch of trillion dollar profits from us. We get sick and then get treated with other chemicals and then die early. People could live much longer with very healthy lives, but at best we will average up to 89 year life expectancy. The human population loses years of life which reduces our population wisdom and experience gained that never gets passed on.
Farmers have very little knowledge of the nutrition-less food they produce or the damage they cause to the environment. Consumers also know very little about the damage to their bodies from conventionally grown food and processed foods. Just as the tobacco industry knew , the agricultural-food industry knows. They tell us that we have to prove that their food is bad for us. We do not have to prove anything; we need to put them out of business.

The problem is not Monsanto - it is capitalism. The march against Monsanto is misleading; it should be a march for organic produced food and against the entire agro-food industry for killing us for profits.

"When future historians come to write about our era they are not going to write about the tons of chemicals we did or didn't apply. When it comes to glyphosate they are going to write about our willingness to sacrifice our children and to jeopardize our very existence by risking the sustainability of our agriculture; all based upon failed promises and flawed science. " Dr. Don Huber