5 Ways to Avoid GMOs

5 Simple Ways to Avoid GMOs in Your Food

1.       EAT LOCAL - Know your farmer, Shake the hand that feeds you

·         Shop: Farm Markets instead of supermarkets              

·         Join: Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)

·         Garden: Learn to grow your own food, Save your own seed

2.       EAT MORE WHOLE FOODS – Almost all non-organic processed foods contain GMOs

·         GMOs exist in 80% of processed foods. Corn, Soy, Canola, Sugar (except “cane”)

and Cottonseed Oil are almost always GMO unless specified organic (Google “invisible GM ingredients” to see names for hidden GMOs in processed foods).

·         Here are the few GMO whole foods that can be avoided by purchasing organic:  Sweet Corn, Hawaiian Papaya, Zucchini, Crookneck Squash, Soybeans and Salmon* (*GMO version coming soon)

3.    BUY “Non-GMO Project Verified” – Look for this label on your food and view lists on their website:


·         Non-GMO Project Verified ensures that the product is GMO-free and that meat

and dairy livestock were not fed a diet containing GMOs.

4.   BUY “USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC” – Look for this label on food products:


·         USDA Organic ensures that there are no GMOs in the food itself, in any ingredients, and also that livestock were raised on a diet containing no GMOs.

                   Check out the Non-GMO Shopping Guide (www.shoppingguide.com) or buy an
                   app for your phone like Buycott (buycott.com)
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