Food Industry Front Groups

Thanks to the Center for Food Safety for listing groups with lovely sounding names that appear to be grassroots organization of parents, farmers and concerned citizens, but are actually industry front groups often created by PR agencies to tout the industry line. When doing research on GMOs you have to check out the source.

“Front groups like these have long served as an industry tool to delude and deceive the public, and to avoid much-needed government regulation,” said CFS Executive Director Andrew Kimbrell. He said the list demonstrates “largely hidden industry influence.”

The report that goes with the list says tactics practiced by the “front groups” commonly involve phony grassroots efforts, name calling, buying science and scaremongering. It blames such front group tactics for the loss in California last fall of Proposition 37 to require labeling genetically modified food.

Alliance for Food and Farming
American Council for Science and Health
Animal Agriculture Alliance
Center for Consumer Freedom
International Food Council Foundation

Recently Formed
Alliance to Feed the Future
America’s Farmers
Center for Food Integrity
Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture
Global Harvest
Protect the Harvest
U.S. Alliance for Farmers and Ranchers

Scientific Institutes of Food Manufacturers
Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition
Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness
Conagra Food Science Institute
Gatorade Sports Science Institute
Nestle Nutrition Institute

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